SELT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (Academics)

  • How are online student evaluations created?
    • System administrators in Planning & Statistical Services will generate the online questionnaires based on data provided on the request form.
  • How do students complete an online student evaluation?
    • Students will check their university email account for an invitation to participate.
    • The invitation emails, which contain direct links to the online questionnaires, will be sent from ANU Student Evaluations (
    • Emails will be generated on the dates specified in the critical dates calendar.
  • Can students access their evaluations via WATTLE?
    • Unique student links to their evaluations should be available in WATTLE for Semester 2, 2011. These links will appear under "Overview of my Courses". Students will still be able to access their evaluations via their university email accounts.
  • Are there any promotional materials that I can use?
    • Yes. Go to our Toolkit page to access a range of promotional material.
  • Are survey responses anonymous?
    • Yes. The system has been audited for anonymity.
    • Access to an online survey is granted via a single-use password, but the passwords cannot be linked to survey responses.
    • Paper surveys are handed out at random, and cannot be traced to a respondent.
  • How do I access my results?
    • Shortly after the release of student grades, you will be emailed reports for evaluations that have received 5 or more responses.
    • Learning Support results are published, without comments, and are available here.
    • Results Interpretation Guides (RIGs) are published to assist with the benchmarking of your individual teaching results, and are available here.
    • To better understand the elements of our standard reports, please refer to the expanatory guide on our Toolkit page.
  • Are paper surveys still available?
    • University guidelines endorse the primary use online surveys for their resource-efficiency, however, in some circumstances paper-based surveys will be available on request. Such circumstances include intenstive off-campus fieldwork courses, or courses taught in overseas locations, where access to online evaluations may be difficult.
    • PDF versions of the paper surveys will be generated and emailed to the requesting academic for printing, based on the data provided on the request form.
    • Paper evaluation forms MUST NOT be edited or modified in any way (such as change of teacher/course details or to generate additional forms). If forms are modified in any way, they cannot be processed.
    • Paper evaluation forms contain unique barcodes that are only valid for a single offering of a course, and cannot be re-used in a different teaching session.
    • New request forms must be lodged for each instance of an evaluation.
  • When will reports be released for non-standard sessions (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring)?
    • Reports are only emailed after grades have been released to students. As there are no standard dates for release of student grades, we ask that convenors/lecturers email us to confirm that grades have been released for their course. Upon receipt of that confirmation we will email the SELT reports.
  • Can I publish my teaching evaluation results?
    • Yes, you are welcome to publish your own teaching results. However, we do require that any open-ended comments identifying an individual are anonymised or removed fully before publication. Please contact us for assistance with this.

Frequently asked questions (Students)

  • When are student evaluations conducted?
    • Most student evaluations are conducted during the last three weeks of the teaching period, through to the end of exams. For standard semesters, this is from Week 11 to the end of exams.
    • Some course convenors or lecturers may schedule student evaluations using a slightly different timeframe.
    • If you are unsure, please ask your lecturer when the evaluations for that course will be run.
  • Will my responses be anonymous?
    • Yes. The evaluation software has been audited for anonymity. Access to a survey is granted via a single-use password, but the passwords cannot be linked to survey responses.
    • Results of the evaluations, including comments, will not be provided to the teaching staff member until student grades are released.
    • However, students may be identified through the feedback that they provide. The University's policy and procedure, specify that staff must act ethically with student feedback.
    • If you have any concerns about the behaviour of staff, this can be discussed with the Dean of Students.
  • Who will see the results?
    • Academics, department heads, and college deans will be provided with the course evaluation results. Teaching evaluation results will be emailed to the teaching academic (lecturer, tutor, or demonstrator).
    • Enrolled students will be granted access to view the survey results. However, open-ended comments will not be released with these results.

Further information

If you need any more information please email the evaluations team or telephone Sara Rowley on extension 53541 or Leone Nurbasari on extension 54579.

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